Established in 2006, faisit (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic, proudly South African company specialising in the delivery of high-quality education and training interventions to learners, companies and training providers.

Our team of staff are qualified professionals with extensive experience across the spectrum of child and adult education. faisit is recognised and accredited as a training provider at several Sector Education and Training Authorities as well as Umalusi.


We pride ourselves on our ability to produce quality training interventions that meet the needs of industry. We apply the following quality principles:

Accredited Learning Partners

We enlist the services of only accredited facilitators, assessors and moderators.

Quality Assurance

We manage quality assurance as a continuous and integrated component of all the steps of the process.

INSETA Accredited

We are accredited with official quality authorities, such as INSETA.

Company Values

Company values are a fundamental aspect of quality management.

Ongoing Quality Assessments

Regular quality assessments are conducted. Results are measured against expected performance standards and plans of action are initiated to correct deviations.

Furthermore, all learning material is designed with an outcomes-based learning methodology in mind, and the designers, facilitators, assessors and moderators are required to have extensive operational and technical expertise.


faisit provides learners with the required qualification credentials and we also strive to enhance their:

  • Leadership skills – accepting accountability, being responsible and acting with personal integrity;
  • Product understanding – intimate understanding of the products and the need they address;
  • Understanding of the target market – what makes the products attractive to a particular market segment, predicting market needs;
  • Analysis of the value chain – understanding the inputs, processes and outputs associated with delivering products and services;
  • Business acumen – understanding how the business makes its money and how their efforts impact it;
  • Knowledge of legislation – good corporate governance happens at ground root level, fundamental understanding of the legislative framework in which the organisation operates supports compliance in all processes.

We also offer learners extended support through a variety of mechanisms such as coaching and mentoring, e-mail and telephone support, and internet based chat rooms.


faisit subscribes to the principles of fair assessment as prescribed by the South African Qualifications Authority and the National Qualifications Framework.


Record keeping and data management is designed according to best practice and provides administrative and management information. All records are available for at least 5 years. Access to information and records is strictly controlled to ensure confidentiality.


All administrative aspects are administered by a training administration system. Physical resources, as determined by the services we offer are available.


Our mission is to become the most sought-after people development partner in South Africa. We consistently strive to set the highest benchmark by inspiring the holistic development of every individual touched by a Faisit intervention.


It is our vision to consistently provide value for money, through streamlined training solutions to support individuals, businesses and industries. This will be achieved by:

  • Living by the values of the company in order to maintain corporate integrity;
  • Always adhering to the criteria and guidelines prescribed by the relevant and official custodian of quality (on behalf of the South African Qualifications Authority);
  • Never losing sight of the magnitude of the responsibility of awarding credits towards qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework; and
  • Providing all clients value for money, tailor-made, simplified and flexible solutions.


Our values are strengthened by the highest personal and moral standards of our employees. We value and uphold the laws that govern skills development and we consistently accept responsibility of keeping the value alive, in order to preserve the culture of the organisation.


  • Doing the right thing, on time, every time is the Faisit mantra.
  • Quality is integral to our success and incorporated in everything we do.
  • At every occasion, we reflect on our actions to establish what was learnt to ensure appropriate future action.


  • We exist to generate a sustained return for our shareholders.
  • Ensuring that Faisit remains a going concern is not only critical for the shareholders, employees and learners but also for the respective industries it operates in and society at large.


  • We inspire development by identifying the core development needs and translate them so that they are easy to understand, to ensure a fit for purpose and logical approach.
  • Processes comply with all aspects of good governance, yet are easy to follow.
  • Providing the client with efficient, user friendly solutions which adhere to the highest quality requirements is our focus.


  • We value teamwork and collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • An interaction with Faisit inspires camaraderie and passion which reinforces a sense of belonging.
  • We value creating opportunities for collaboration with our clients to find tailor-made, appropriate learning solutions.
  • Honest feedback ensures recognition of efforts and continuous improvement.


Call: +27 11 568 0616 | Email: enquiries@faisit.co.za